Sunday, April 20, 2014

Il Forziere dei Libri: Recensione: L'ombra del Sole

Ecco una recensione fantastica de "L'ombra del sole"!

Che cosa si dice del romanzo: 
"L'autrice è stata veramente brava a creare una storia ricca di elementi originali, intriganti, sorprendenti e magici. Ha creato un mondo affascinante." 


Il Forziere dei Libri: Recensione: L'ombra del Sole: Buona Pasqua a tutti! La mia sorpresa... una bella recensione di un libro pubblicato ormai da un po'...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Offerta lampo

solo per pochi giorni

2.99€ ➩ 1€ ➩ Amazon: 

❝Se quello era un sintomo d'amore, 
Dora non voleva guarire, 
ma farsi bruciare fino ad accendere la notte 
e godersi le fiamme insieme a Connor.❞ 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Interview with LM Boelz

Here's a general interview, 
I'll be happy to answer more questions!

When writing this book what was the most important thing you wanted your readers to come away with?
I write to entertain, so I want my readers to feel that they’re having a good time, I want them to follow Ella’s adventure, to relax and take a break from the outside world. However, there are some hints that could generate ethical discussions about today’s reality and solutions, especially toward the end of the novel, so it’s not entirely “empty” entertainment. The ending is quite strong and can lead to a wider confrontation.

While working on the book, what would you say was your biggest challenge, and what advice would you offer a writer to overcome that obstacle?
I can tell you about two challenges, an emotional and a practical one.
My biggest emotional challenge was and still is to write about love. Romance is not my strongest skill, I feel more comfortable writing about killing, scheming and fighting… but my characters needed to have something more than that in their lives, so I sprinkled some love here and there. I don’t know how to help other people in my position… I used music to get in the mood, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, mostly. I hope I managed to convey the right emotions. Readers will let me know!

The practical challenge was a linguistic one. English is my second language and this is my first novel written in English. I feel confident enough and I did my best to avoid mistakes, however if you still find something odd or wrong… please tell me! I’ll be super grateful and I will correct it. Advice? Well, I read a lot and watch a lot of series and movies, is my best friend. There’s always room for improvement, especially when learning a foreign language.

Was this your first book?
“Trusting Darkness” ( is the first in English, but the third published and the sixth overall. My other two published books are written in Italian and are part of a YA saga called “Le ombre di Dora” (“Dora’s shadows”

How important is it in your genre to have more to a story than just hot heavy scenes? Do you believe good back story is important?
Hot heavy scenes are not even important for my genre, which is Fantasy. I know that erotic stories are very popular right now, but that’s not what I write or read. Love stories/hot sex are not the center of my books, they are part of the story, but never the only spark that moves the action. Backstories are crucial, every character has to have a solid background. I write about war and trust, killing and saving lives, hot romance is not my purpose.  

Rating your type of book, what ages would you say it is most suited for?
I wrote it targeting adults, some scenes are very violent and some themes such as mass murder and destruction are better suited for grown ups… but it’s still something that I would have read as a teen. It depends on the reader, this novel is not about cheesy teenagers giving their first kiss; it’s about Elvish soldiers caught in the middle of something too big to avoid. There is some romance, but nothing overwhelming. The language is sometimes strong but not disturbing, I’m talking about soldiers after all… they are allowed to swear from time to time!

Do you have anything new coming up the pipeline? If so tell us about it.

Yes, my next novel is about a genie. I only wrote the outline, but I know what is going to happen and I have the last scene clear in my mind. The setting is Istanbul in the past with a scene in Venice and Oriental atmospheres the entire time. It’s still fantasy, but with an historical flare. There are two main characters: Jade and Yanmak.

Where can people purchase this or other books you have written?

Everything is on Amazon, this is my author page:

Do you have a blog where readers and authors can talk with you and share their thoughts on your books and writing in general?

Yes, I’m also on FB, Twitter and Pinterest:
Feel free to contact me anytime

I am available for more interviews, questions and reviews, just get in touch with me, even if your blog/page/group/website is not in English… I might surprise you.
I can handle a full interview in Italian and German; also Spanish and French are welcome with shorter and less articulated answers.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Il Forziere dei Libri: Anteprima: Trusting Darkness

Una bella intervista a cura di Manuela Dicati. 

Vi parlo di scrittura, di "Trusting Darkness" e del mio rapporto con le lingue straniere.

Il Forziere dei Libri: Anteprima: Trusting Darkness

Buongiorno e buon inizio Settimana Santa. Ebbene sì! La Pasqua si avvicina e una bella sorpresina ve la voglio fare anche io...

Leggila qui:

Traduzione della trama di "Trusting Darkness"

Trama tradotta in italiano 

Il Capitano Ella Dorsh è forte, ben addestrata e… spacciata. È piuttosto sicura che il nemico stia conducendo il gioco e che la guerra raggiungerà la superficie molto presto, ma gli umani non sono ancora pronti.

Il Regno Sotterraneo è impoverito e la sua popolazione di elfi oscuri vuole conquistare il mondo e dominarlo. Ella e le altre “Divisioni di Rinati” sono l’unica vera possibilità per combattere il nemico ad armi pari: elfi contro elfi per risparmiare preziose vite umane. Tuttavia, nulla è così semplice come sembra e l’oscurità nasconde più di quello che Ella credeva.

La storia si svolge nel nostro mondo in un vicino futuro. Ci sono atmosfere dark, sci-fi e distopiche, con una protagonista femminile che non ha nulla da invidiare a qualunque altro soldato maschio!
Il romanzo parla di soldati elfici coinvolti in qualcosa di troppo grande da evitare e di segreti pericolosi che cambieranno la vita e la storia per sempre.

Estratti dal romanzo: 

Harold Svarthar:
“Non è la morte quell’incubo senza volto che s’insinua in ogni secondo delle vostre vite? Il ticchettio del suo orologio insonne che conta ogni battito, trascinandovi sempre più vicino all’ultimo? Non è la morte quella pressione sul petto, quella forza che irrompe fra i vostri pensieri mentre i vostri capelli si fanno bianchi e la vostra pelle marcisce su un corpo in decadenza?”

Captain Ella Dorsh

“Aveva deciso di sigillare il proprio amore in una scatola, tenendolo prigioniero in attesa di un momento migliore per liberarlo, ma non aveva mai smesso di nutrirlo. Così era cresciuto a dismisura ed era fuggito da quella prigione alla prima occasione, scoppiandole in faccia con tutta la potenza di una bomba a orologeria impostata sul timer sbagliato.”


Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's out!!!

 I am super excited to announce that 
"Trusting Darkness" is
  AVAILABLE everywhere! 



Captain Ella Dorsh is tough, skilled and… screwed. 
She is pretty sure that the enemy is leading the game 
and that war is going to reach the surface very soon, 
but humans are not ready yet. 

The Underkingdom is impoverished and its population of dark elves wants to conquer the world and rule. 
Ella and the other “Reborn Divisions” 
are the only real chance to fight the enemy 
on the same level: elves against elves to spare precious human lives

However, nothing is as simple as it seems 
and darkness hides more than Ella had ever imagined. 

The story is set in our world in a near future. It has some sci-fi and dystopian elements and a strong female lead that will kick your ass! 
This novel is about Elvish soldiers caught in the middle of something
 too big to avoid and about dangerous secrets 
that will change life and history forever. 


"Isn’t it death, the faceless nightmare creeping on you every second of your lives? The ticking of its sleepless clock counting every heartbeat, dragging you closer to your last one? Isn’t it death, the pressure you feel over your chest, smashing through your thoughts, as your hair grows white and your skin rots wrapped around a decaying body?" 

"She had decided to close her love in a box, to hold it captive while waiting for a better moment to set it free… but she had never stopped feeding it. It had outgrown its prison and it had escaped at the first chance, blowing up in her face with all the power of a time bomb set on the wrong timer."